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Virgo Birthday - August 25   

YOUR SIGN -  Virgo
YOUR RULERS -  Mercury.

The August 25 Virgo birth date holds an association with “eye” in the sense that you are endowed with some outstanding skills and powers of observation.

The August 25 has an excellent eye for detail together with a natural mind frame for creativity.

With your inherent methodical, systematic and penetrating mind you are the sort of person who will excel where planning policy, tactics and strategy. As an example, the game of chess could be an excellent image for those of the August 25 birth date.  

With your creative abilities and eye for detail, a hobby or involvement related to the visuals arts could be of particular appeal, and should you pursue such an avenue, you could find that the painting of wild and rugged landscape scenes of great satisfaction.

The combination of your visual and mind frame creativity skills identifies that you would be the sort of person who would excel where it comes to taking an idea and then developing it through to a fully functional successful conclusion.

As an August 25 birth date, you have an enthusiastic and committed outlook toward making your life a success, and you will be certainly one who will be prepared to commit that extra time in order to ensure that success becomes a reality. 

The August 25 is endowed with a wealth of inner resources of talent and abilities and it will be up to you to seek out the right ways, methods, techniques, and procedures in order to be able to make the very best of what you have.

Other values associated with this August 25 birth date identify with the terms of “magnificence” and “garment”. The association of such values could suggest the high fashion and the clothing industries as being excellent outlets for your creative and visual talents. 

It would certainly indicate that you will have an excellent dress sense and will be able to dress in a manner that will not only stand out, but also create a good impression upon others. This aspect of your talents can prove to be of immense value when seeking employment. In addition of course, you could strike an advantageous impressive effect when not only venturing into a new romantic relationship, but also in keeping your partner happy.

As an August 25 birth date, you have a naturally interest and attraction towards gadgets, tools and items that are of practical use. These could take the form of the latest in computer equipment and software programs – telephones - fax machines and in home entertainment equipment.

In fact, gadgets of form with a practical use are likely to take your eye and you will be one who will enjoy browsing through catalogues of such products.  

Basically, you do seek a sense of spiritual belonging, however this may not necessarily interpret as any interest in the form of any conventionally accepted religion.

Born on this August 25 birth date, you have a path in life of seeking out beauty within the stock of your life experiences, and then proceeding to maturing and developing your inner visions into an external reality.

This is a pattern that connects you to that mystical and inspirational plane of existence, and such stories, tales and mythologies constitute a significant resource of information within human existence. Give consideration to the fact that some of our greatest teachers and heroes throughout history have come from this collective background.

As an August 25 birth date you should always endeavor to maintain a cheerful and bright outlook towards life, and always hold expectation for the best to occur.

The colors of tan, plumb red, chartreuse yellow, amber, slate blue and indigo resonate with this birth date, and in particular, indigo is an excellent color to include in your dress ware.

The gemstones of jade and sodalite can help to inspire you to both open your mind and uphold your relationship with your ruling element of earth. 

On the home front, the August 25 should endeavor to maintain an earth influence within the home. This can be achieve by incorporation earth colors within your home furnishings and décor, or by having some earth element items such as earth ware vases or some pieces of agate or rose quartz, as ornamental displays.

You are one who will comfortable when surrounded by your personal possessions and in whatever form, unusual or otherwise. You could certainly be one who might have a certain amount of artistic bits and pieces dotted around you.

Pictures, images or patterns that involve some form of a pointed triangle can be beneficial for you.

Water is consider to be the element of feelings, so consider keeping water around in the form of a vase, crystal glassware, or just a simple glass of water on your desk. It can help to inter-relate between your mind and your emotions.

Novelty items and objects tend to appeal to you. Hand play gadgets can help while you are thinking and dreaming up new concepts or ideas, and old fashioned items and antiques can provided that added interesting atmosphere within your home. 

In your bedroom, you should tend to favor slightly darker shades of color and that of slate blue or plum red could prove to be favorites for you.  

On the out doors front, the August 25 will gain enjoyment and pleasure from quietly working with the earth in the garden.

For you, the act of gardening is both an artistic and therapeutic activity. It provides for your creative talents while at the same time, a mentally relaxing environment. 

As an August 25, you are likely to enjoy having unusual creative features, items or structure in the garden area. Things like wind chimes, sculpture or other forms of stone works or small terraces for example.

With your inherent orderly nature you might be one who will like to feature your individual flowerbeds as blazes of one color.

This could take the form of one flowerbed with red flowers, another in yellow, and yet another in white. Alternatively, you might like to feature border areas around the lawn with different rows of colors stacked behind each other.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 4. The twenty-fifth day of the eighth month reduces to six, and the number six represents that of regularity, beauty, and balance.

The 238th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four contributes an inborn awareness that there is a deep and unchanging reality beneath the innumerable variable shapes and forms that we call the material world.  



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