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Scorpio Birthday - November 1

YOUR SIGN -  Scorpio.
YOUR RULERS -  Mars, Pluto, Moon.

The November 19 Scorpio is endowed with an attractive personality, a strong determination, and a firm strength of character. These characteristics of your nature will support your ability to be able to persuasively, inspire and provoke in others, any call to action. 

As a November 19 you project an aura of worldly wisdom and have the ability to be able to apply that gift in a manner that will not only impress others, but in the main, will enable you to take a leadership role in any relationship with little in the way of any opposition.

 Leadership forms a particular need for the November 19, and as result you are one who will need to be in control of your own relationships.

You will tend to hold considerable respect for authority, and will have a keen sense for justice. As result, you will be the type of person who will try to be as fair minded as possible in any dealings you may have with others. 

Other qualities associated with this day, together with the aforementioned attributes, indicate a potential for success in a working arena of self-employment and/or the setting up, and running of your business venture or company. 

Through the strength of your November 19 character, you will tend to attract people into your life through the projection of a potential for the pleasures and enjoyment that they will gain from becoming associated with you. 

While in the main you are genuine in your acceptance to others, you can, where you discover that they do not live up to your expectations, be quite ruthless, and dismiss them from your life. This is an aspect of your nature that can quite easily result in you at times finding yourself in a position whereby you end up being rejected by that very someone, whom you really desire.   

This is a birth date that teaches patience and compassion in dealing with others, and you also carry that Scorpio trait for being somewhat self-centered in outlook. The lesson here is that while you are indeed your own center of the universe, so also, is everyone else in life.  Once you have come to the realization and acceptance of this fact, then you will discover yourself surrounded by not only the most loyal friends, but also most attentive of lovers. 

Loyalty means a lot to you within your relationships, and it is something that you will give, and fully expect to receive in return

The traits of Jealousy, possessiveness and obsession also feature in relation to the sign of Scorpio, and where allowed to take the upper hand can result in unhappiness, if not distress at times. 

When your suspicion are aroused for what ever reason, you can at times have that tendency to allow your imagination to run wild, and end up imagining events or situations that are out of all proportion to reality. 

On the physical front, the November 19 is likely to have a particular interest in physical or sporting activities that that involve not just the body, but also that of mental discipline. This could lead you toward a great interest in one of the sporting, and/or cultural arenas, involving the martial arts.  

The November 12 birth date identifies with a path of dealing with those more important priorities first, and this is a pattern that forces you to face the realities with the trade-offs you make. As example, life is a series of choices; some we make consciously, and others occur by habitual response.  

Your personal effectiveness is a result of a balanced awareness of the contribution you make on behalf of the common good, and your own self-fulfillment. At your best, you can bring these into perfect configuration.

The colors of creamy gray, apricot, orange, and the purplish-blue sky blue color of azure, resonate well with this November 19 birth date. To encourage success in your work or business environment, consider utilizing plenty of the color orange about you. 

The mineral of “chrysoberyl” is a relatively rare hard yellowish-green gemstone that can help to strengthen your judgment abilities, and a “fire opal” stone set in a finger ring, can inspire you business acumen.

On the home front, the November 19 is likely to favor a modernistic flavor with color schemes leaning toward a monochromatic, i.e. the variation effect of a single color, to provide for a subtle effect. A dash of brilliant red here and there might well be the only high lighting you will need.

In tune with the more sensual aspect of your nature, you should consider the incorporation of luxurious textiles within your home furnishings. These could take the form of natural soft woolen fabrics, velvet or silks.   

You are likely to have an inherent interest in historical matters, in primitive cultures, and their customs and rituals. Representations of these interests could take the form of decorative items such as fossils, gemstones, other artifact items, or cultural masks and woven basket ware. 

The November 19 will tend to like having living plants about the home such as potted flowers or cactus plants rather than cut flowers of short-term life duration. 

The bedroom plays an important feature in the life of the November 19, and should form a place of luxurious sensual retreat. An impressive bed with plush soft linen ware in dark sensual colors, and large plump pillows should resonate well with the intensity of your nature. Add some fine scents to complete the effect. 

On the out doors front, the November 19 enjoys an out door environment that involves both a social and physical action activity. This might involve you club motor trials, horse riding or walking/hiking club recreations. 

In the garden, the November 19 likes an organized environment with defined lawn area and with pathways. You may like your pathways defined by way of an outline of stones. A central water piece feature such as a fishpond with some bright red gold fish could also be just right for you. 

Some ever-green trees and box hedges in the garden will hold a connection with your ruling element of Mars, and a small rock garden featuring succulent type plants including some variations of cactus should help to provide some stimulation influence to your senses. 

Your special numbers are 3 and 9. The nineteenth day of the eleventh month reduces to three, and the number three represents that of the principle of understanding, and ongoing development. The 324th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine provides you with a supporting confidence in your ability to ultimately achieve an objective. This is an influence that can also minimizes any feelings you might have of being let down, or unrecognized, after having substantially put yourself out for the benefit of others.



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