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Libra Birthday - September 29   

YOUR SIGN -  Libra.
YOUR RULERS -  Venus, Saturn.

Qualities associated with this September 29 Libra birth date suggest that you likely to be able to lead a successful, happy and enjoyable life.

The term “innocence” holds a connection to this September 29 day, and it is highly likely that your innocent nature will tend to find expression in an ongoing outlook of optimism towards life. This is a quality that, in its self, can prove to be highly effective in attracting good fortune in your direction.

The September 29 enjoys a high degree of mental ability and agility, together with good energy levels that will ensure support for your qualities for drive, optimism and ambition.

These qualities, together with other aspects associated with this birth date, could indicate a successful vocation in a field that involves some form of technological innovation. You might also become involved in such arenas as social justice, public policy, or the arts.

As a person, those of the September 29 birth date will tend to be very fair and equitable in their dealings with others. You are one who has that ability to be able to see all sides of a situation, and can arrive at conclusions in an unbiased manner.

This quality, together with your non-prejudicial outlook toward others is likely to result in you easily establishing friendships with all types of people, whatever their cultural backgrounds.

These very same aspects of your character however can also result in a potential for un-decisiveness, and in this you respect you can often find yourself wasting time and effort in just making up your mind about something that could be of quite trivial nature or importance.

With such a pleasant, friendly, and agreeable nature, the September 29 can often tend to allow others to take the initiative.

As example, you might consider it easier to let someone else order for you at buffet dinner. This can be because you can become indecisive about your food selections due to a tendency to be mentally comparing and balancing one dish with its visual impression and colors against all the other dishes of foods on the table.

As a September 29 you are one who not only wants to create a meal but will also want it to look beautiful and attractive when set out on your plate. For you, it is your imaginative possibilities that act to spur on your creativity, but at the same time it is your tenacity for hard work that will divert you from wasting away your time in pure escapism.

Born on this September 29 birth date, yours is a path in life of understanding the concept of time in relation to how that of the past, and that of the present inter-relate. 

In order to advance in life and to realize your dreams and ambitions, it will be necessary that you make a critical inventory of your own heritage. What are the talents, characteristics and assets you possess as result of your biological, cultural, historical and genealogical background? Give consideration as to how such assets can provide a foundation for all of your future expression

The colors of bright red, copper, ivory and the reddish brown russet color resonate well with this birth date.

The mineral of “clear quartz crystal” can help you to focus upon your ambitions and “Heliodor” a clear yellow gemstone can help to inspire the mind to memories, possibilities and potential.

On the dress accessory front, you might like to consider acquiring a pendent or necklace that incorporates a silver seven-pointed star design to help to support success in your life.

On the home front, balance and symmetry in design and décor are important factors to those of the September 29 birth date. Add to these, the qualities of beauty and harmony in order to aim for an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

In home décor incorporating pastel colors should appeal to your personality, together with thick carpeting incorporating symmetrical designs, plus some nice Oriental rugs preferably in light color shades as apposed to the more traditional deeper tone colors.

Some statuettes or artwork images of “Venus” your ruling sign could be attractive additions to your home.

White marble with its color and texture is good material for the September 29, and you might like to utilize it somewhere within your home. This could take the form of old-fashioned designed sink units, a marble slab counter top in the kitchen, or replica sculptured figures for decoration.

Consider attracting some of the “Sun’s” influence into your home by having a painting or some form of Sun image positioned within your home.  

On the out doors front, The September 29 will not only enjoy the sounds, senses and sight of nature but take an interest in the historical aspects of any outdoor environment.

As example, you are likely to thoroughly enjoy any visits to places of historical interest, as indeed you are likely to like visiting old properties, taverns and inns. By nature you could certainly be one who will like to collect items from your visits for display within your home or garden.

Your garden will need to be of attractive symmetrical design and as easy as possible for maintenance. Antique items could well feature in the garden of a September 29, not only as flower planters, but also as memories of past times.

In your garden flower beds you might like to consider including anemones, begonias and snowdrops as these are flowers that can be of particular appeal for you.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and 3. The twenty-ninth day of the ninth month reduces to two, and the number two represents that of duplication, dependence, and is an ancient emblem of the life force in action. This is a number that progresses one into more experience through repetition.  The 273rd day of the year reduces to three, and the number three contributes the valuable quality of natural development and growth to this life path.



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