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Libra Birthday - September 27   

YOUR SIGN -  Libra.
YOUR RULERS -  Venus, Saturn.

Born on this September 27 Libra birth date, you are the type of individual who will be very goal oriented. 

You have a strong sense for shrewdness and focused attention. As result of such qualities, you have a particular gift for being able to accomplish with apparent ease, just about anything you set out to do in life.  

Those of the September 27 birth date are endowed with an inherent ability to be able to keep things in balance, and to do to without wasting a great deal of effort. These are qualities that can create a flow to your experiences in life that can be of amazement of others.

The challenge for you is to be able to see beyond the surface outlook and organization, in order to ensure that you are also giving due attention to matters related to your soul and inner well being.

The strong sense for balance and harmony inherent in this September 27 birth date applies not only in a desire for calm and peaceful emotional relationships, but can also relates to your need to derive enjoyment and pleasure from a carefully organized home environment.

As a September 27 birth date you are likely to have a wide circle of friends. 

You take pleasure in making others feel comfortable and at ease within your environment, and will like nothing more than inviting a group of friends over to your home for a social get-together.

While it is through relationships that you experience many of the more important experiences of your life, it is the quality of these encounters that is essential to your interest for happiness, advancement, and well-being.

As a September 27 birth date you can be intensely connected to the concept of balance. This can indicate that you can a tendency to meet and mix only with people who are on your level. 

You must remember therefore, that if you want to advance in life, and if you want to gain relationships with others who will be able to help you in your advancement, then it will be for you to make the efforts needed in order advance yourself.

In other words you cannot completely rely upon others to lift you to your goals in life without you yourself, making the effort and equipping yourself with the necessary qualities and knowledge to justify your next step up in your life experiences.

Yours is a personality that combines courage and boldness with a powerful need for human fellowship. The test here is to be able to (a) remain your self within a group and (b) to be able to rest in contentment when you are on your own.

Some people born on this September 27 birth date can have a certain dreamy come far-way quality in their personality, and this is quite likely to become expressed through a strong interest in the arts.

The colors of red, sapphire blue and the pale yellow nectarine color.

The mineral of “jasper” in any color can provide a calming influence upon you, and a piece of quartz crystal can make for a good luck in life.

On the home front, the September 27 is a hygiene-conscious individual who will be quite scrupulous concerning matters of cleanliness and good order.

You are likely to be a very house-proud individual, and have a preference for modern sleek lines in your home layout that will emphasize a sense of structure. Balance and symmetry within the home are important factors for those of the September 27 birth date.

With your artistic flair you might like to decorate you home with art pieces of particular appeals to you senses. Having sight of balanced geometric figures and then imagining yourself positioned within the middle will help keep you centered.

You are one who likes to make your house open to others and to provide for a comfortable and friendly environment. The kitchen could well be one of yours centers for such informal gatherings.

With your Libra sign connecting to harmony and balance you might like to consider having a pair of traditional weighing scales in your kitchen, and a collection of white bone china tableware in the dining room would be a very appropriate addition to your living environment.

Your bedroom should reflect an atmosphere in keeping with the artistic aspects of your character. These can take the form fine fabrics and attractive designed dressing table pieces, incorporated with your love for furniture of more modern design. 

On the outdoors front, the September 27 would enjoy a patio area with a small pavilion adorned with white roses. This would provide a good setting for both small social occasions and afternoon summer tea times. Alternatively, a simple circular table with chairs in the garden would suffice.

A garden lay out in the order of a traditional English garden would be a perfect environmental setting for those of this birth date.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 1. The twenty-seventh day of the ninth month reduces to nine, and the number nine represents that of attainment, completion, and the end of a cycle. The 271st day of the year reduces to one, and the number one provides the inspiration to move onward and upward to experience new horizons of experience.



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