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Libra Birthday - September 26   

YOUR SIGN -  Libra.
YOUR RULERS -  Venus, Saturn.

This September 26 Libra birth date identifies with an individual who is likely to have a very vigorous personality and a confident, somewhat raucous approach to life. 

This is a birth date that holds a strong association with the factors of determination, fighting to succeed, and winning. 

While these may constitute strong positive personality traits to possess, they are also characteristics that need some tempering and balancing in order to achieve a healthy balanced life.

Those of the September 26 birth date have the ability to be able to see in an unbiased manner both sides of a question, or argument. They can be firm when it comes to decision-making, and once they arrive at, and make a decision on any matter, they will stick by their convictions.

People born on the September 26 birth date tend to be drawn toward experiences of a strong sensory nature. As example, a September 26 is likely to be more instantly attracted by some form “musky perfume” than one of a more flowery smell.

The September 26 might be described as a “people person” who likes nothing more than being involved in, and sharing in social activities with friends and associates. This is a pleasure that can at times appear be on par with that of your more personal and intimate relationships.

You love harmony in your life, both for yourself and for those around you. You make definite relationships with others, and will endeavor to cultivate the people in your life so that all of those you love will eventually come to love one another.

Obviously, this is not always possible, and you are the type of person who can become quite distressed and upset when you discover that a couple of your best friends, or a good friend and your partner, are not getting along with each other.  

Not everything in life can be maintained in a harmonious manner and this is something you must accept, because there are simply some situations in life that you will just not be able to fix, or rectify.

As a Libra born on the September 26 birth date you have a path in life of gaining an acute insight into the true significance of your ideals. You are endowed with a highly developed imagination, and your own perfected mental landscape is your favorite habitat.

Your life pattern calls that you learn to translate your generosity of spirit into forms of practical application within your daily life. As result, you should endeavor to work in activities where great visions and true teamwork are rewarded. 

You are not one to tolerate hypocrisy in others, so that in your own life you should seek to exemplify your personal values and ideals.

The colors of pink, pastel peach, teal, silver, buff (yellowish-beige) and royal blue resonate well with this birth date. Buff and silver are colors to wear when you are feeling particularly intense and have need of a calming influence.

Turquoise is a gemstone that can help to influence your idealistic visions toward more practical applications, and a piece of rose quartz carried about you can help you to counterbalance your natural fighting nature and access that more gentler aspect of your personality.

Alternatively, there will be those times where you will need to utilize your qualities for drive and ambition and therefore any form of arrow shaped or pointed jewellery accessory can help you to focus upon that more aggressive side of your personality.

On the home front, the September 26 will enjoy entertaining. They will enjoy an in home environment that is both orderly and comfortable for their gatherings of guests. This will include a room design lay out of furnishing that will allow all parties to freely see, and to communicate with each other.

As example, this might take the form of a central feature piece in the form perhaps a stylish coffee table with lounge furniture chairs and sofas positioned around it.

Style and beauty are important factors in the life of the September 26 so that you should endeavor to incorporate objects and colors within your home that will resonate well with your particular personality. These can take to forms of sculptured objects, artworks, home color décor schemes, and furnishings for example.

As a September 26 you are likely to find artworks or images of the Egyptian Sphinx particularly attractive. This interest can arise due to certain values associated with this day that inter-relate to the Sphinx.

Your bedroom should reflect the aesthetic aspect of your personality, and your liking for the finer, more beautiful things in life. Furniture of a more ornate style, silk type fabrics and tapestries on the wall could be well in keeping with your artistic senses.  

On the outdoors front, the September 26 will prefer a garden arena that is well organized to provide a tidy visual atmosphere. You will certainly need a good space area for your socializing with a central feature such as a fireplace unit or BBQ center around which folks can gather. Some subdued lighting or night time flame burners would certainly set the scene.

You will certainly need a garden that requires the minimum of attention since you are unlikely to be the keenest of gardeners.

An outdoor patio area with a pavilion adorned with roses could be a perfect setting not only for your social gathering, but also a place to just sit back at times to enjoy nature at its best.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 9. The twenty-sixth day of the ninth month reduces to eight, and the number eight represents that of rhythm, of involvement or being involved, and growth and development. The 270th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine provides you with a strong sense of confidence that you can carry out and achieve the tasks that you set for yourself. 



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