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Libra Birthday - October 1

YOUR SIGN -  Libra.
YOUR RULERS -  Venus, Saturn.

One of the principal qualities associated with this October 13 Libra birth date relates to that of socializing. You are inherent of a great charisma, a natural charm and grace, and a wonderful easygoing pleasant personality that tends to endear you to others. This results in an ability to be able to be quickly accepted, and to blend in with just about any grouping of people. 

As an October 13 however, you can have that strong tendency to accept others too quickly on face value. In this respect you can tend to always prefer to see the good in others, and to blindly fail when it comes to being able to identify their weaknesses and/or even their deceptiveness.

The quality of curiosity holds a strong association with this October 13 birth date, and in this respect you are likely to take a great interest in anything that will present a challenge to your curiosity. 

Your inherent interest in anything that is unusual or out of the ordinary extend from activities such as dabbling in any sort of puzzle that involves logic, crossword puzzle for example, and even through to arriving at your choice of friends or, even your romantic partners.

Researching and tracing your family history could be something of great interest to the October 13, and certainly something that will cater to that curiosity element in your personality.

There is a strong essence of “power” associated with this October 13 birth date, and as a result you could enjoy an inherent appreciation and understanding of the workings associated with power. As example, you might be quite skilled in matters related to politics.

Alternatively, with an ability to be able to identify the positive potentials that can arise out of working harmoniously with others, a vocation in the field of managerial consultancy could provide for another working arena possibility.

Other qualities associated with those born on this October 13 birth date include a strong humane outlook toward others, and a sense of desire to be able to help others to be healthier and/or more beautiful.

You could well be one who will hold great concern for, and wish to give help to the under privileged of this world.   

Such qualities relate well to a vocation in the fields of health products, cosmetics and beatification industries, fashion and clothing and/or an organized charitable institution.

Communication is an essential element for those of this birth date, so that technologies such as computers, e-mail, mobile phones etc will be essential tools in your life. 

As an October 13, yours is a life path of seeking out and coming to terms with self-realization. This is a pattern that necessitates that you call to mind a response to not only the role that you choose to play in life, but also to the quality and value of your performance.

As example, you are asked to deliver nothing short of excellence, and then to be able to accept any resulting rewards, praise, tributes or honors with humility and gracefulness.  

As an October 13 you are not one to be satisfied with half-measures. You will not be satisfied to partake to only an amateur level, but will strive to pursue a position of absolute mastery over any endeavor you choose to undertake. A danger associated with this path in life can be the meaningless belief and expectation that status and rank has privilege apart from any contribution.

The colors of aquamarine bluish green, lilac, yellow, and the pale grayish green color known as the celadon, resonate well with this birth date.

The mineral “labradorite’ is a gemstone that can help to both widen you outlook to life, and inspire you to set your sites high.

The metal gold in the form of a jewellery piece can help you to attract, and to find that someone special you may be looking for.  

On the home front, the October 13 will enjoy a home environment that provides for space with plenty of light. Some natural wood feature in the form of floorings with wide glass doors opening up onto a patio or deck could prove for a comfortable setting.

With a leaning toward the colors of white, off white and pastel shades, plus your preference for privacy, a home built upon the Mediterranean style that leads out into an interior courtyard area might form a perfect dwelling for you.

Circles and oval shapes can tend to inspire your sense of imagination, so endeavor to include some items, objects or images portraying such shapes within the home.

A place in which to retire and to think at times will be of good value, and this could take the form of a particular room in the home, a special seat at a window setting or a special place in the garden.

While your home might well project that overall modern effect you will still appreciate having some representations of the past within it, and where applicable, you might like to consider including some art pieces as reminders of your cultural heritage. 

Other items could take the form of some old fashioned jars in the kitchen or a fine marble statue of ancient Venus in the hallway for example.

In the bedroom, again round or oval shapes should appeal, you might even fancy a circular bed. Some natural wood furniture, and soft plush linen ware in whites, creams or light pastel shades should satisfy your visual appreciation. To Jazz your atmosphere up a bit more you might like to buy some silk pajamas to lounge around in. Pink might be an exciting color for you.  

On the outdoors front, environments that challenge your curiosity will interest you. What’s around the next seashore or over the next hillside? Interesting landscapes that feature perhaps a small old village nestled down in a valley or seafront Cliffside, or ancient buildings of historical interest.

While as a Libra you will appreciate a sense for balance in a garden, yard or courtyard in the form of clean tidy design, you will also like a little rambling and disorder perhaps in the form of flowering climbing plants. As example, some tidy lawn areas possibly rounded in shape with organized flowerbeds with some white roses rambling along a wall, wooden fence or trellis structure.

You will appreciate a garden area that provides for privacy. This could take the form of a fenced of property, or a perfect setting for you would be an enclosed courtyard with potted plants, tiled pathways, some circular features such as a lawn area, and a center fountain water feature piece. Add some white rambling roses on your courtyard walls for your perfect setting.

Your special magic numbers are 5 and 8. The thirteenth day of the tenth month reduces to five, and the number five is the number that identifies with that of activity, resources, and the activity of accomplishment. The 287th day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight influences your ability to be able to keep things in perspective



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