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Leo Birthday - August 16   

YOUR RULERS -  Sun, Mars.

As a Leo born on this August 16 birth date you can when you want to, or when you feel like it, charge of into life with a somewhat relentless and unstoppable force. 

Certain influences associated with this August 16 birth date, identify with factors that indicate on the one hand, that you are likely to face a number of significant obstacle and set backs in your life. On the other, you are likely to have the strength, resources and sheer will power to be able to overcome such obstacles.

As an August 16 you have the ability to harness both your creative energies and inner resources when required in order to be able to go forth and achieve your objectives.

This ability will necessitate that you take the time to carefully identify, and priorities, your goals and objectives, and then call up upon your inner strength before making your move.

If you fail to do this, and tend to disperse yourself and your attentions toward numerous other directions at the same time, then you will find that you can weaken yourself, both energetically and creatively.

These particular aspects of your nature also apply when it comes to your more personal relationships so that for you, monogamy will be the best path in life, irrespective of the fact that you are the type of person who will have a need to have the attention and flattery of several other people at a time.

Some methodologies that might help you in order to gain a better sense of energy balance in life, could be in engaging in aerobics or ballroom dancing, or undertaking study and involvement in the activities of tai chi or yoga.

There will be some August 16 birth dates that fall on a particular degree, and where they do, it can indicate that those so affected can suffer some strong reactions to those up and down periods of life.

Another quality associated with this day suggests a person who has a strong structure of moral and values in their life. This can also indicate a necessity for you to give consideration, and to endeavor to avoid being to strict and rigid in those beliefs, and especially so when you are dealing with other people.

Your August 16 bold and daring attitude and outlook to life, provides you with the ability, resources and power to be able to deal with just about anything that life throws at you.

So long as you can apply such power in a careful, controlled, and directed manner, you will find that your ability to be able to apply your influence over others can prove to be very positive. 

As an August 16, irrespective of whatever profession or career path you might take, you will be the type of person who will endeavor to introduce and try out new and innovative ideas and concepts. 

In addition, you will certainly be one who will wish to their stand out, and make your mark in anything you do.

By nature of these particular characteristics, both the military and the performing arts could well be of attraction for you.

As an August 16 you could well hold an interest in military matters with result that you might like to collect, or acquire items or dress wear that have a military association and feeling. Uniforms, combat boots, khakis, military caps, insignias and buttons as a form of occasional fashion statement.

The pattern of your path in life necessitates that you look for, and become able to see beyond the everyday appearances of life, in order to identify the beauty within.

In other words, as an August 16 you should look to live your life from that former perspective, and not necessarily by those more limited definitions of pure scientific explanation.

The colors of yellow, light green, gold, orange, indigo and green resonate well with the August 16 birth date, and in particular, the colors of green and indigo can help to open up your horizons.

Fluorite is a gemstone that can help you to harmonize your energy fields, and gold is a metal that will help to inspire you.

On the home front, the August 16 will like to project a somewhat exclusive and luxurious atmosphere in their home.

Light is important factor for you, so that plenty of natural light in the home is a necessity, together good with good indoor lighting in the form of lamps and lighting accessories.

You will not only like entertaining, but are likely to have a relatively constant stream of friends and visitors to your home. A good entertaining area is an essential feature for the August 16.

A small statuette of an eagle or a chariot positioned in your hall way can help to provide you with the inspiration for success.

In your kitchen, consider keeping a variety of aromatics such as sage and rosemary, and having some incense about the home is also good idea for you.

On the outdoors front, the August 16 will find great interest in high country, and in particular high mountains.

You should enjoy some form of raised area about your home where you can have a downward view over your neighbors. This can take the form of a sun deck or balcony for example

Sunlight is important in you life so that with your garden or yard area you should endeavor to aim for a design, and a layout that allows for the maximum possible inflow of natural sunlight.

As an August 16, you can have a particular fascination for mechanical devises that utilize the power of water movement. An old fashioned waterwheel for example, could really capture your attention.

You might like to consider therefore, where you have the facilities, the purchase or construction of a miniature water wheel mechanism as an interesting and captivating attention getter in your garden.

Flowers for your garden could include sunflowers, dahlias, and gladiolas, and corydalis.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 4.

‘The sixteenth day of the eighth month reduces to six, and the number six signifies that of beauty, regularity, and the balance of polarities.

Born on this day, you have a path of living your life in keeping with the natural order of nature.

The 229th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four can help to make it easier for you to sense the natural order of the material world.



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