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Leo Birthday - August 14   

YOUR RULERS -  Sun, Mars.

Those born on this August 14 Leo birth date tend to have a very lively and exuberant way about them, that in turn tends to be highly infectious.

It is pretty well an absolute certainty that everyone is going to have a tremendous time when you attend any social gathering.

As a August 14 however, you do need to learn to develop a little more subtlety in your approach, because it can often be hard for you to contain yourself, with result that you can tend to over dramatize your enthusiasm and desire to become both noticed and heard.

You are by your very nature a natural-born actor, and one who will be attracted to the entertainment arena such as the theatre, the opera, and film.

You will enjoy mixing with people, and in visiting places that project the flair and flamboyance characteristics that form so much a part of your nature.

As an August 14 you can at times express the simplicity and open faith of a child. As example, you are definitely not the type of person who will be a schemer.

For you, it is much easier, and far more natural, to be up front and honest when it comes to your feelings and opinions, rather than trying to mask or conceal them behind some false face.

All forms of falsity or deceitfulness will tend to both surprise you and cause you distresses. It is difficult for you to identify when someone is not being up front with you and telling you the truth.

Despite the outwardly good-humored nature that you project, you may at times tend to harbor certain negative or cynical ideas.

This can come about because some August 14 birthdays will be located on a critical degree, and this can result in you feeling quite intensely the highs and lows in life.

One of your greatest fears in life, is that the good and pleasurable things that you have in life, might suddenly somehow disappear.

As an August 14 birth date you have a highly developed intuitive mind, and you tend to be able to easily locate just the right piece of specific information as and when you may need it. This same inherent sense of intuition also enables you to under stand how to both lead, and manage other people.

An image for you could be compared to that of an orchestral conductor who by a wave of his baton first captures a controlled attention of the musicians and then commences the musical piece on a further stroke of the baton.

As an August 14 birth date, you will be one who will delight in good food preparations. You are likely to have developed very good culinary skills and will take a keen interest in creating some sumptuous food spreads for guests who attend your social occasions.

If you want to treat yourself well, you should consider having plenty of interesting desserts available, and in particular, some premium quality ice cream.

Born on this August 14 day, you have a life path of identifying, utilizing and applying resources in life, both those of a material nature and those of our talents and gifts, because such resources are meant to be developed and to be shared with the larger community.

To the degree that you develop and praise these resources in your life, then to such degree will you yourself advance in life.

This is how, as individuals, we contribute in moving the world around us ahead toward higher forms of expression.

The colors of salmon pink, gold, vermilion red, saffron yellow resonate well with this birth date.

The gemstone “tiger-eye” can help to both heighten and intensify your aspirations, and an Egyptian- style “scarab” beetle jewellery piece can be an excellent good luck charm for you.

On the home front, the August 14 is one who will like frequent change so that you should consider furniture pieces that can be easily move around into new positions in order to match your latest mood.

You will need an attractive area within the home for the purpose of entertaining your many friends and visitors.

Your kitchen will be an important area for you to perform your culinary wonders. Keep a wreath of laurel or bay leaves in your kitchen as they can represent an ancient symbol for victory in life.

For you, spices are appealing and you might like to consider including recipes for Indian and Thai foods among your library of food dishes.

To cater for your personal entertainment needs keep a stock of comedy film materials such as videos, DVD’s etc for viewing on your own when you might be feeling a little down.

On the out doors front, the August 14 will like a somewhat dramatic and impressive garden environment for the purpose of entertaining and friendly gatherings.

Include some symbolic objects or items within the garden that hold an association with your ruling sign of the sun.

You are likely to have an interest in bird life and where you do, pigeons could be of in particular interest. This might even extend to the breeding of pigeons.

You may not be the keenest of gardeners and as result tend to favor easy care potted plants. As example, some geraniums and begonias in pots could well of greater interest for you than your garden as a whole.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 2.

The fourteenth day of the eighth month reduces to four, and the number four represents that of the stables and predictable. It also represents that of the mysterious.

The 227th day of the year reduces to two, and the number two gives an added ability to connect with your inner self.  



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