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From First Dates To Soul Mates

Taking Things to the Next Level of Commitment... Without Screwing It Up!"

(By: Amy Waterman)



Like this writer, you’ve probably experienced lots of rough times in trying to find “The One”. 

We come across a lot of products promising that they can give us the relationship of our dreams, so we are skeptical when someone tells us there’s a new product available that is different from the rest.

However, we were  pleasantly surprised when we received a copy of Amy Waterman’s “From First Dates to Soul Mates – Taking Things to the Next Level of Commitment.” 

This is another course released by the Meet Your Sweet Network, authors and creators of a host of dating and relationships products that are quickly carving themselves a niche in the online dating advice market.

So what makes this course different?

Well the first thing that struck us was the size of this course. At 330+ pages, its one of the most comprehensive commitment courses we have seen and, from what we know of Amy Waterman, she’s no lightweight in the online dating market. This course is typical of her usual high standard and attention to detail.

The next thing that struck us is the detail. The e-books she has created are attractively laid out and graphically designed, and we know from the first page that this is a publication that takes itself seriously. We were  impressed!

In addition to the e-books, that she has split into 3 parts for easier downloading, she has recorded the entire e-book in high-quality audio. Add to that, over 4 hours of interviews  that she has done with some of the world’s foremost dating and relationship experts, and you have a course that really delivers you advice and secrets that are going to maximize your chances of commitment.

Amy covers crucial commitment topics such as:

• Learning some facts and figures about commitment
• Understanding the stages of commitment
• Discovering what commitment means to you and your partner
• Knowing if this is the person you want to commit to
• Getting the right mindset for commitment
• Mastering the magic of romance
• Knowing what to do when reality hits
• Surviving the power struggle in your relationship
• Deciding how and whether you should stick with the relationship
• Choosing a conscious relationship

After reading through this course and listening to the audio interviews, we can heartily recommend this course for people who are wanting more commitment in their life. 

Whether they are single and looking for a relationship, or wanting to take their current relationship to the next level, there is something in this course for everybody, regardless of their relationship status. 

This is a life-changing course.

It has changed the way this writer looks at commitment and, we know it will maximize your chances of relationship and commitment success. 

This is another high-quality addition to the Meet Your Sweet library of dating and relationship resources.

But don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself at:

From First dates To Soul Mates

First Dates To Soul Mates Package

All the best,




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