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Capricorn Man And Leo Woman

Capricorn and Leo Relationship. 

Two equally stubborn wills that could easily turn into a battle for dominance. The ambitions of each are radically different and bound to clash. 

The reserved, secretive nature of Capricorn will not appreciate the thirst for glory outlook of Leo nor will they take the backseat, a factor that could infuriate Leo. 

The Leo’s impulsiveness and self-indulgence does not mesh with the security minded outlook of Capricorn.  

While both may have great plans for the future and the willpower to achieve them, where they are unable to learn to give way to each other occasionally – which neither are likely to do- this combination may prove to be short lived.

Leo Lovers.

Leo’s are the great romantics of the zodiac; they love to be at centre stage or in the middle of their circle of friends.

Fire and passion burn in their mind and body – they are party lovers who tend to burn the candle at both ends. 

Leo’s have a strong sex-drive and a powerful presence that can be irresistibly sexy! They radiate extreme confidence and love to take charge in bed. 

Expect all the trimmings with a Leo, romantic dinner setting, champagne, sexy lingerie and satin sheets forms the basis of their seduction scene.

 They are sexually adventurous, creative, and highly skilled in their lovemaking and capable satisfying the most demanding partner. 

Routine predictable sex is a non-no for Leo who prefers challenge and an unpredictable sexually adventurous partner. 

Leo rules the spine, back and heart so sweeping gentle caresses along the length of the spine with particular attention to the sensitive lower back, will relax as well as sexually excite them.

Best Bed Mates for the Leo: Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra , Virgo, and Capricorn. 

Capricorn Lovers.

Capricorn is likely to succeed in the material sense, accumulating both wealth and power.

Born under the earth sign they tend to be conservative lovers and sexual intimacy and expression has to be developed over a period of time. 

Often the social butterfly they always mix in the right circles and dress appropriately for any occasion.

Well-organized, perhaps even regimental in outlook, they tend to concentrate first upon their needs for material security and, upon satisfying that area of life, do they really begin to reveal their true values of loyalty, love and wisdom.

The Capricorn lover will often remain aloof and refrain from making the first move until they feel truly in love.

Best Bed Mates for the Capricorn: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces.  

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