Capricorn Birthday - 27 December

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Capricorn Birthday - 27 December

YOUR SIGN Capricorn
YOUR RULERS Saturn, Venus

As a December 27 Capricorn birth date you are one, who is by nature, very sensitive heart wise and can be easily bruised. As result of this aspect of your nature you have that tendency to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. 

The December 27 is the type of person who will often feel responsible for others. They will tend to become involved in the troubles of others and to such an extent that they will take it upon themselves to try to heal and mend the problems of  those whom they help. 

You should take some caution however to avoid overdoing things to such extent that your friends and family start to become far too dependant upon you as a resource to cure all of their upsets and problems. 

As a December 27 birth date you have a rather unique capability to look into the mists of the future and, as result, to be able to perceive how the unfolding of events follows a natural sequence from those events that have gone before.

You should study the lives, stories and backgrounds of those of great wisdom since your task in life is to educate your insight in order to develop your ability to share your visions with others. Take care however not to place too much interpretation on your revelations and just only to pass on that which you see.

As a December 27 your involvement with other people’s life situations and problems can have the effect of holding yourself back from your progress in life. 

You must learn that it is only when you nurture yourself as much as you do to others that you will find that your own personal dreams and ambition can mature into a reality.

Your birthday indicates a gift for attention to detail and that of maintaining your own integrity no matter what might come your way.

Animals are associated with this birth date and in particular those who breed animals. This association extends to the animal type vocations or involvements such as that of a veterinarian, a shepherd or an active involvement within a animal care organization.

On the home front, the December 27 will find interest and appreciation in arch type shapes throughout the home. these form good structures for you because they represent a curved shape of elegance and strength.

Within the home you may well appreciate having  a variety of paisley coverings or throws in the living room and needlepoint pillows or chairs covering designs. Items that are visually interesting to you. 

An antique roll-top desk with its variety of uses with small compartments and secret drawers could be an item that you would value highly for its interesting image of intrigue and design. 

In the kitchen, in keeping with your ruling plant Earth, some ceramic type dishes in a variety of earth colors. Some large earthenware vases perhaps to hold branches of a flowering trees such as pussy willows and forsythia should appeal to your nature.  

In your garden, you might like to incorporate the arch way concept of design. This could take the form of the garden itself built around the shape of an arch or, just as an arch way leading out into the garden. Rocks incorporated into your garden design layout can add a flavor of interest for you..

Your special magic numbers are 3 And 2.

The twenty-seventh day of the twelfth month reduces to three, and the number three represents that of  creative self-expression, growth, expansion and it identifies with a path of communication. 

The 362nd day of the year reduces to two, and the number two supports your path in life with a deep receptivity and the ability to reflect. Always endeavor to keep your mental lens clear. 




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