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Capricorn Birthday - 22 December

YOUR SIGN - Capricorn

This December 22nd birth date falls on the very beginning of Capricorn and is as such, one of the most significant degrees in the Zodiac. It becomes so because it is the symbol of a rising sun with its first rays shining out brightly from the heart.

This is the time of the winter solstice being the shortest day of the year and yet, after this darkest day of the year, the light begins to increase day by day.

As a December 22 birth date you carry within you the promise of tomorrow and your personality is filled with the desire and the need to develop a very strong and clear destiny. 

Your life process involves that of detaching from shadows of the past and to create a focus for your inner light to radiate out into the world around you.

The path in life for those of the December 22 birth date is that of understanding the true significance and implications of victory. 

It is this  pattern in life that thrusts you into the conflict of competing interests and those of conflicting views in order to be able to learn and understand the constructive use of collective power. 

While to the victor may go the spoils, any waste of resources in misguided conflict can hurt us all? 

Take the time to read up on both the warlords and the peacemakers throughout our human history and you will soon appreciate that, at the end of the day, not everything is worth fighting.

Due to the fact that this day of December 22 also falls on the cusp of Sagittarius, you also carry within you the compacted energy of this sign being that of faith and hope. Traditionally, this day of December 22 is associated with feasts of celebration and rejoicing.

Some December 22 birthdays fall on a critical degree and at the Galactic Centre. In times distant past ancient astrologers placed the gravitational centre at a point around which the sun revolves at "0" degrees of Capricorn. This tradition has been confirmed by astronomical research.

In the manner of the steadfast goat, those of the December 22 birth date make slow but firm strides toward a particular goal and, while in that progress they may be slow each step is firm and sure. Always remember that time is a great friend to those born on this particular date. 

On your home front, with your signs interrelationship with time then time pieces such as, clocks, watches, sundials etc may well find a place with in your home. 

As a measure to help to keep gravity from pulling you down, look to decorate you home with happy coloured items throughout the twelve months of the year and not, just on those special occasions.

As a health-wise measure within the home consider the use of  a parallel bar or other such contraption in order to perform a few chin-ups and/or gentle swinging during the day. This can be an excellent way to keep physically strong, fit and to relax the muscles.

In the out door arena, those born on the December 22 birth date often feel comfortable within under ground environments such as caves. 

With their inherent powerful appreciation of the creations of nature such as stalactites or stalagmites for example, caving and cave exploration might well be a favourite past time activity.

The activity of gardening can allow those of this birth date another avenue through which to maintain their contact with their ruling element of Earth. The growth of a tree or trees within the garden can form a clear and influential insight to the passing of time.   

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 6 .

The twenty-second day of the twelfth month reduces to seven, and the number seven is a number that signifies victory and a pause between cycles of creation. 

The 357th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six is a number that contributes the energy of love and harmony of opposites to this path. It is these particular qualities that enhance your reconciliation abilities. 



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