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With both signs charged up by mercury (the mind planet) intellectual discussion tend to take precedence over emotion or feelings so each must learn to appreciate the others approach to love and life.  

The Virgo sensible attitude and analytical outlook may well irritate Gemini who in turn may aggravate Virgo with their somewhat more scatterbrained outlook on life.  

They often experience considerable difficulty in seeing eye-to-eye with each other, can become overcritical of their differences, so a romantic success for this combination appears somewhat unlikely.

Gemini Lovers.

Gemini’s have a powerful desire for freedom and independence in their relationships. They can be rapidly changeable and are capable of handling many things simultaneously, including lovers.

Fast talkers and thinkers they have that special “something” that makes them extremely attractive, they act young, never seem to age and keep things active both in and out of bed. 

Flirtatious, with the ability to charm the pants of the subject of their desire, they need a partner with whom they can live out their wild sexual fantasies.

Sex is fun, however life with a Gemini can get frenetic as they often have two different personalities – one minute they love their partner and the next they may loathe them. Passionate pillow talk, sex discussions and erotic movies appeal to the Gemini while bedroom silence and sexual routine turns them off.

Shoulders, arms, and hands are the Gemini’s sensitive areas, so gentle touching and brushing of these areas will heat that Gemini up. Variety both within and without the bedroom is the spice of life for the Gemini.

Best Bed Mates for the Gemini: Aquarius, Leo, Libra, Gemini, Aries.

Virgo Lovers

The Virgo projects a cool and calming manner on the outside whereas inside they conceal a quite intensity and deep sensuality. Rarely idle, they are industrious and productive above all else. 

They are very selective when choosing a lover. In sexual relationship they are extremely caring but somewhat controlling too, and have the capacity to make their partner feel the most wanted person on the earth.

They can be super-critical, obsessive with perfection, secretive, and are particularly attracted to cleanliness – traits they may sometimes be a dilemma in the relationship with their partner. 

As a lover, the Virgo is highly discriminative, honourable, discreet and practical.

They love genuine romance, praise, straightforward sex and a reliable partner who has intelligence as well as attractive physical attributes. They cannot tolerate gushy sentiment, crudeness or vulgarity and like their sex to be as tidy as possible. 

The stomach area is the Virgo erogenous zone, so stroking, kissing and caressing this area is sure to arouse their passion for action.   

Best Bed Mates for the Virgo: Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio.


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