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Libra Zodiac Sign - Love Match

Libra Zodiac Sign - Relationships / Compatibility.

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Libra Zodiac Sign

Air Sign September 24 - October 23

Libra Zodiac Sign Personality Rating:

Sex Drive Medium Fun Loving   High
Flirtatious     High Jealous   Medium
Faithful Medium Adventurous   Medium
Romantic High Easily Aroused Medium
Sensitive   Medium Possessive   Medium

Libra Zodiac Sign General Statistics:

Symbol   The Scales   Lucky Numbers 6 & 9
Colour   Lavender Attractive Trait  Charm  
Birthstone   Opal   Body Part Ruled Buttocks/Kidneys 
Element   Air   Polarity   Masculine  
Metal Copper   Animals   Snakes/Lizards
Ruling Planet   Venus Trees  


Key Phrase I Balance Lucky Day   Friday  

Libra Zodiac Sign - Guide To Libra Lovers

Ruled by Venus, these folk are programmed for love and some say that they are the most proficient lovers of all. 

While extremely loving themselves they in turn need to be loved, so their partner should not refrain from showing and expressing their love and feelings toward them.

Libra’s worship romance and seduction, can be extremely flirtatious and know how to please, excite and tease. They can be outright sexual adventurers in the event their sex-life loses lustre and will readily look elsewhere. They tend to prefer a partner who takes the initiative so that a seductive partner who is prepared to worship them makes for an ideal combination. 

The lower back and buttocks form the Libra erogenous area so a little fondling, patting and pinching in that area should soon arouse Libra for a romantic session.

Best Bed Mates for the Libra: Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius , Taurus, and Libra.


Libra Zodiac Sign - Compatibility Graph

  Libra And












  Aries Fire                    
  Taurus Earth                    
  Gemini Air                    
  Cancer Water                    
  Leo Fire                     
  Virgo Earth                    
  Libra Air                    
  Scorpio Water                    
  Sagittarius Fire                    
  Capricorn Earth                    
  Aquarius Air                    
  Pisces Water                    

Libra Zodiac Sign - Career Profile

Libra is the sign of the statesman, the manager, and the arbitrator.  If seeking the truth then call on a Libra who, with their strong sense for justice and fair play, will review all aspects of an issue before making a careful and deliberate decision once they themselves are convinced it's the right one.

They are capable people in leadership roles and will be dedicated and hard working to earn recognition. 

Librans are truth-seekers who welcome opinions, ideas and points of view that challenge their own, thus they will enjoy a good argument. These are kind and fair-minded people who are loving and much loved. 

They place great importance on the establishment of harmony and they practice interpersonal diplomacy to maintain affairs in balance. 

Librans are generally attractive people who enjoy beautiful surroundings whether in the home or office. 

Where decisions have to be made the Libran may well appear to be somewhat indecisive as they swing back and forth over the subject. In crises mode however they can often spring to amazing action.  

Librans are ambitious, they know where they're going and, once they overcome their inherent tendency for indecision, they can make exceptional executives. 

Their innate sense of fair play and justice allows them to consider all sides of an argument or discussion before arriving at   balanced decisions. 

These qualities, together with their natural finesse and ability to remain cool during disagreement, provide them the skills to manage meetings, direct discussions, put together agreements and finalise deals. 

Their natural ability to manage and negotiate disagreements means that many Librans can find a satisfying vocation in the diplomatic scenario. 

Libra represents partnership, peace, harmony and diplomacy, the ability to persuade, convince, conciliate and balance matters surrounding them. 

Vocations related to harmony, justice, intellectual projects, beauty and anything involving dealing with the public are compatible to Libra. 

Some suitable vocations for Libra:  

Academic, Architect, Artist - Art dealer, Appraiser, Beautician, Counselling, Diplomatic, Designing, Engraving, Hairdressing, Host Professional, Interior Decorating, Judge, Lawyer, Landscape Design, Modelling, Mediator, Negotiator, Politician, Psychologists, Public Relations, Recruitment, Sculptor, Writer, Umpire.  



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Libra Zodiac Sign - Some Famous Libra:

Arthur Miller

Brigitte Bardot

Buster Keaton

Barbara Walters

Roger Moore

Charlton Heston

David Ben-Gurion

Ed Sullivan


Groucho Marx

Gore Vidal Toni Braxton

John Lennon

Heather Locklear

Jesse Jackson

Julie Andrews

Juan Peron

Kate Winslet  

Luciano Pavarotti

Matt Damon

Rita Hayworth

George Gershwin  

Michael Douglas

Oscar Wilde

Mickey Rooney

Ray Charles

Truman Capote  

Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Zeta-Jones


Dwight D Eisenhower

Bruce Springsteen

Mohandas K Ghandi

Gwyneth Paltrow

Russell Simmons

Sigourney Weaver


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