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Gemini Zodiac Sign - Love Match

Gemini Zodiac Sign - Relationships / Compatibility.

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Gemini Zodiac Sign

Air Sign May 22 - June 21

Gemini Zodiac Sign Personality Rating:



Sex Drive Medium Fun Loving High
Flirtatious   High Jealous   Low
Faithful   Low Adventurous   High
Romantic   Medium Easily Aroused Medium
Sensitive   Medium Possessive   Low

Gemini Zodiac Sign General Statistics:

Symbol   The Twins   Lucky Numbers 5 & 9
Colour   Yellow   Attractive Trait   Responsiveness  
Birthstone   Agate Body Part Ruled Hands/Arms/Lungs
Element   Air   Polarity   Masculine  
Metal Mercury Animals   Birds/Butterflies 
Ruling Planet  Mercury Trees   Nut Bearing   
Key Phrase I Think Lucky Day   Wednesday  

Gemini Zodiac Sign - Guide To Gemini Lovers

Gemini’s have a powerful desire for freedom and independence in their relationships.

They can be rapidly changeable and are capable of handling many things simultaneously, including lovers.

Fast talkers and thinkers they have that special “something” that makes them extremely attractive, they act young, never seem to age and keep things active both in and out of bed.

Flirtatious, with the ability to charm the pants of the subject of their desire, they need a partner with whom they can live out their wild sexual fantasies.

Sex is fun, however life with a Gemini can get frenetic as they often have two different personalities – one minute they love their partner and the next they may loathe them. 

Passionate pillow talk, sex discussions and erotic movies appeal to the Gemini while bedroom silence and sexual routine turns them off.

Shoulders, arms, and hands are the Gemini’s sensitive areas, so gentle touching and brushing of these areas will heat that Gemini up. Variety both within and without the bedroom is the spice of life for the Gemini.

Best Bed Mates for the Gemini: Aquarius, Leo, Libra, Gemini, Aries.

Gemini Zodiac Sign - Compatibility Graph

  Gemini And












  Aries Fire                    
  Taurus Earth                    
  Gemini Air                    
  Cancer Water                    
  Leo Fire                     
  Virgo Earth                    
  Libra Air                    
  Scorpio Water                    
  Sagittarius Fire                    
  Capricorn Earth                    
  Aquarius Air                    
  Pisces Water                    

Gemini Zodiac Sign - Career Profile

The Gemini possesses a quick and restless mind that is capable of moving constantly from one project to the next. Fast talkers and thinkers they are most likely to be the ones to come up with an ongoing stream of new (and excellent) ideas to become considered the idea’s generators in any business. Gemini's need freedom to be whomever they feel like being, whenever they want and, with their rapidly shifting nature, it’s nigh impossible to hold them to any standards but their own. 

Their stock in trade is talk and communication so, with such qualities, they make for exceptional communicators establishing a wide range of contacts, whether social or business. Thus they perform well as intermediaries or go-betweens providing access to, or introductions between parties. There are no mincing words with Gemini and this might get them into trouble now and again. They need constant stimulation so if things get dull they are likely to look for a new field of activity. 

The Gemini is more likely to provide quality input into the company meeting rather than be the leader of the meeting. Many born under the sign of Gemini become writers, orators or journalists. They enjoy teaching and sharing of the wealth of information in their minds with others to create harmony around them. With their speed of mind and action the Gemini may well require diligent back-up assistants to ensure that they are getting things finalized. Being the great communicator Gemini will generally be up to date with the latest in phones, computers, email, fax, cell phones etc and any new methodology that enhances communication and contact.  

Gemini's make excellent employees since they need to express their thoughts rather than their emotions. A vocation in which they can be in constant communication with others and utilize their active imaginations and vigorous verbal qualities is perfect for Gemini's. They are natural communicators and will become discontented if their vocation doesn’t allow them to use this skill. Writing, journalism, teaching, sales and media industries such as film, television and radio are territories in which Gemini's excel. The Gemini was born to communicate, study, learn and write, teach, create and unite people.  

Suitable Vocations for Gemini that that utilize their communication qualities: 

Journalist, Writer, Publicist, Travel Industry, Media Industry, Announcer, Representative, Interpreter, Photographer, Advertising Industry, Auctioneer, Cartoonist, Correspondent, Courier, Driver, Franchiser, Impersonator, Information analyst, Illustrator, Librarian, Linguist, Manicurist, Printer, Reporter, Speech Therapist, Taxi driver, Weather Forecaster, News commentator.




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Gemini Zodiac Sign - Some Famous Gemini:

Angelina Jolie

Brooke Shields 

Bob Dylan 

Bob Hope 

Cole Porter

Donald Trump 

Dean Martin

Anne Herche

John Wayne

Clint Eastwood 

Errol Flynn 

Gene Wilder

Helen Hunt 

Henry Kissinger

Ian Fleming 

Johnny Depp 

John F. Kennedy  

Joan Rivers  

Judy Garland

Joan Collins

Peggy Lee

Lenny Kravitz 

Laurence Olivier  

Kylie Minogue

Liam Neeson

Marilyn Monroe

Miles Davis

Morgan Freeman

Michael J. Fox

Marquis de Sade

Natalie Portman

Naomi Campbell

Sally Ride  


Prince William

Alanis Morissette 

Douglas Fairbanks  

Nicole Kidman

Noah Wyle

Paul McCartney

Paul Gauguin

Rupert Everett

Selma Blair 

Tim Allen

Susan Strasburg

Richard Wagner

Xaviera Hollander  


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